Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Speaking fromexperience- belly band

In the crit I was given advice that the box needs to say on it somewhere what it contains otherwise it is unknown and looking at it you only have title to go by and this could be taken more seriously than it needs to be.

So I considered a few options of how I could include this onto the box, whether it be a belly band that goes around the box or on the box itself.

After decding that I want a belly band I changed the sleeve so that it didn't contain the large title, but a smaller title of 'Emotional Survival Kit'. Having to print on paper and then stick this ontop the card this has ruined the crafting and the overall look. I am not happy with how it has turned out and would re-do it if there was time.

When deciding on the belly band I didn't know whether to make the sleeve underneath plain, keep ther existing design or decrease the size of the design to a corner or something similar so I tried out a few different ways.

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