Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Timelines- Information graphics

Initially we produced our own small timelines, how we got to where we are- our art life, how we got to like our favourite tv program and then a college day.

Then, in partners we were to combine our time lines and produce a whole one of our lives with the use of pictograms. We split it up into years and used above the line and under the line for each person.

Then, in our pairs we joined another two and combined all our timelines and had to come up with one final one. There were certain things that we had all experience or all did everyday and with these we piled them up ontop of each other so the data was organised.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Verb- a doing word
Sarah is eating.

Adjective- a describing word
Sarah is eating fast.

Noun- a naming word
Sarah is eating.

Pronoun- substitutes a noun
We are dancing.

Objective personal pronoun- the personal pronoun acts as the object
Give it to him

1st person- I am

2nd person- You are

3rd person- He is

You- 2nd person is special because you can use it singular and plural

3rd person singular
He, she, it
He is great

3rd person- objective personal pronoun
One would like

3rd person plural
They + verb
They are

2nd person plural
With verb
You are

1st person plural
We + verb
We are eating