Thursday, 27 May 2010

OUGD103 End of module evaluation

Through this module I have developed skills with hand drawn type, practicing drawing in a variety of different style. I think I have developed a kind of style more through this module. I believe with each module we have been introduced to new workshops and new ways of working and from this I have been able to work with In-Design, I really enjoyed getting to know how this works and applying the knowledge we gained to the type and grid brief and the Indesign brief. This is something I would like to develop further into the second year and improve on.

In terms of research I think I could have done more and possibly focused too much on the development for the Speaking from experience brief. For the Communication is a virus brief, we created questionnaires to ask a range of people and we also did quite a lot of secondary research in order to support the content of the project like the booklet etc. I found with the Vogue brief looking at other posters helped but within a week I found that I focused more on the designing of the end product which may not be the best approach to it.

My strengths through this module include blogging, I think I have tried to keep on top of my blog documenting often rather than leaving it all to the last minute. Also keeping a project file has meant I tried to stick to time management and had a plan of what I was doing. Another strength may be drawing out ideas by hand first of all rather than taking it straight a computer.

My weaknesses include standard of crafting, I think this has really let down the over all look of some work and needs to be improved to create a more professional finish. Also another weakness could be sticking to my comfort zone in terms of style and what I know, I haven't really tried anything I wouldn't normally use in terms of software etc apart from the things we have been introduced to. One thing which needs to be improved is my contribution to crits and feedback and speaking in front of groups of people something which will hopefully be improved from the PPD presentation.

Five things that I would do differently next time are, try something new or that I want to do but haven't yet. Contribution to crits needs to be improved. I would ensure that I research thoroughly no matter how short the project is to help my development. I would also try and produce a greater amount of work for a project to ensure I have fulfilled the brief as much as possible. Lastly something I would do differently would is not spend so much time on something if I am stuck for ideas I would seek help immediately to develop my ideas.

Grading myself:
Attendance- 5
Motivation- 4
Quantity of work produced-3
Quality of work produced-3
Contribution to the group-2

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Speaking from experience- belly band

I placed the contents downthe side, I didn't want to place it on the front because I think it would ruin the look and possibly be over-crowded.

I placed the name into the corner with the name of the pack underneath so that it gives more information at first glance as too what the box entails.
Belly band.

Speaking fromexperience- belly band

In the crit I was given advice that the box needs to say on it somewhere what it contains otherwise it is unknown and looking at it you only have title to go by and this could be taken more seriously than it needs to be.

So I considered a few options of how I could include this onto the box, whether it be a belly band that goes around the box or on the box itself.

After decding that I want a belly band I changed the sleeve so that it didn't contain the large title, but a smaller title of 'Emotional Survival Kit'. Having to print on paper and then stick this ontop the card this has ruined the crafting and the overall look. I am not happy with how it has turned out and would re-do it if there was time.

When deciding on the belly band I didn't know whether to make the sleeve underneath plain, keep ther existing design or decrease the size of the design to a corner or something similar so I tried out a few different ways.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

In design

So we were put into partners, I was paired with Jonny Finch and we did an initiall interview where we asked each other certain quesitons, favourite things etc.

I took down some things I could work with and from this brainstormed some images I could use.
Deciding on using a panoramic photo and a watercolour image I drew downsome thumbnails of how I could lay out my double page spread.

Type and grid-magaizine on In-design

I printed my design off in black and white first of all so I could spot any mistakes or alterations that needed to be made. The bottom was slightly cut off, cutting the page numbers in two and cutting off some of the image on the right.

This is the design incolour,although I've kept the main picture on the same page, I've taken away the background, added quotes and other elements and arranged it.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Speaking from experience- final crit

From the final presentation the feedback I was given was:

  • Not sure what the box is at first, mistaken for a first aid box, along with the title it gives nothing away, so could make a belly band with the content of the box in.
  • Emotional survival kit.
  • Take the products further, t-shirts, posters. A postcard to send to your Dad, I miss you too.
  • Ar ethe products relevant to the quotes
  • Like the type

Speaking from experience- ear plugs

I drew out a few rough ideas of how I would construct the net for this ear plug packaging. I want it to be the kind of packaging where the top folds upwards and outwards to reveal the inside.

So this is the net I came up with, a tab down the side to fasten the two sides together and the half circles to fold into each other.

I added some tabs onto the bottom so that when folded inwards the bottom would be fastened but the top would still be able to open freely, hopefully though made with card it would be stiff enough not to just fall open.

Unfortunately the proportions were slightly incorrect and didn't allow the bottom and top to fold the right way and it ended up being too tight.

I found a net of a package that already existed and opened it up to see how it was constructed, I drew out the basic outline and then scanned this in to alter it and add the design.

Unfortunately I didn't construct this correct net before the time I had my print time so couldn't print it straight onto card. I ended up printing it onto paper and then spray mounting it onto card, this resulted in the paper coming apart in places and overall it looks quite badly crafted.