Monday, 23 November 2009

No News iS Good News- Mail Shot

Following the poster brief we were to take the same theme and research and apply it to produce 10 mail shots with a suitable mailing list relevant to the contents of the mail shot. I wanted to make mine quite interactive and included a small jigsaw inside containing important facts on child abuse.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

No News Is Good News- Posters

After researching into a chosen topic the next brief was to produce three high impact posters, one image only, one text only and the last text and image all representing one fact about our chosen topics.

My topic was child abuse and I based my work around the fact, 'One quarter of children experienced one or more forms of physical violence during childhood.' Using this, I wanted to focus on the 'one quarter' and came up with the idea of cakes and slices of cake to represent one quarter.

These are my initial ideas but after being given feedback I realised they were far too extreme and didn't need to be so harsh.

With the blood and the knife the image was far too much, i then re-took the photographs without these and rearranged the image only poster.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Visual Language-Colour week 2

Colour and Contrast

We started the lesson making a colour wheel with the whole class with each groups coloured objects, including the primary, secondary and tertiary colours of the wheel.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Visual Language- Colour


In groups we gathered our items together to look at the variations of our selected colour, ours being orange. We were to arrange the items into an order of our choice, we chose small groups of variations, including light, dark, transparent and gradient.


Darker orange




We then looked at the univerally used colour coding system Pantone. Using the Pantone system we tried to match ten of the items in our selection to the specific colour and code.

Coated Euro 151 EC
0 64 100 0
Golf ball:
Solid coated
Pantone 151c
12pts pantone yellow 75.0
4pts pantone warm red 25.0
Solid matte
Pantone 804m
Shoe Lace:
Solid coated
Pantone 145c
2pts pantone rub red 12.3
14pts pantone yellow 86.2
1 quarter pt pantone black 1.5
Gingerbread man:
Coated euro
R212 G118B.O
HTML 047600
Solid coated
Pantone 1665c
10pts pantone warm red 61.6
6pts pantone yellow 36.9
114pts pantone black 1.5
Uncoated euro
Pantone DE 22.5
0 20 50 0
Solid coated
Pantone 137
14pts pantone yellow 87.5
2pts pantone warm red 12.5
Solid coated
Pantone 1665c
Revolution band:
Solid matte
Pantone 805m