Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Type and Grid

Point scale

Looking at grids and layouts wewereto try and figure out the grid of the newspaper that we brought in. Drawing out the margins, gutters and columns it allowed us to figure out what the grid layouts were. We were taught how to measure these using point size along with mm.

We were also shown how to measure time using point size and pica em. With the given text we had we were to work out the point size, measuring ascender to decender, and baseline to baseline and subtracting this, this would leave you with the leading size.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Speaking from experience- Products

After thinking about narrowing my project down to just food I put down a few ideas of products I could produce associated with it. However, most things I came up with were things that may be hard to produce and put designs onto like cups etc. Also I want to come up with something more original.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Speaking from experience-Products-Problems

After trying to come up with a product, I found it quite difficult because the quotes cover a wide range. Unless I make some kind of pack with different products in it,I'mwondering whether I should make it specific to one area, like food. That way it would be easier to determine a range of products. However there are some quotes that I've gathered which I really would like to use.

I think I will produce another questionnairre to find out what people have learned about food since moving away to uni.

Speaking from experience- Products

I put down a few ideas I had for the kind of products I could make based on the content of the quotes. The problem is the quotes vary in topic and so I am finding it hard to select one kind of range of products I could make. The areas that the quotes seem to fit into are food, chores, lifestyle and other. I may have to narrow this down to one area but it will be a shame to not use some of the quotes as I think they will add some humour and light entertainment.

Speaking from experience- Quotes

After going around the class and asking people for things they have learned since moving away to uni, I came up with some of the best ones I liked and thought would be suitable and inkeeping with the tone of voice of my project. I have selected only about 13-15 so far and so may have totry and get some more to broaden the project.

Speaking from experience- Product

Today we were told that we should come to a decision by the end of the day on what product/range of.
I think the products that I produce will depend on the content that I gather in terms of research. I may want to divide it up into different catergories like food, college, domestic etc.

With the quotes I decide on, I'm going to make a questionnairre for them toensure other people in the class agree and that they will be suitable to use.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Speaking from experience-Concept Tutorial

On friday we had a concept tutorial in small groups with John, after talking about my idea the feedback and suggestions that I were given were that I could make fridge magents or some kind of stickers, something that would be placed around student flats. Balloons around the city with little tags on the bottom, ould do a website. Could give advie on the back fo something. I need to overall think about what produts I am in turn going to produce.

Speaking from experience- Primary Research

For the 100 brief I benefitted greatly ffrom collecting a large range of opinions, which I basially ended up basing my project on. So, likewise to that I want to collect something from people in the class and other students, flatmates, first year students on my course on what they have learned since moving away to uni.

I've got some really interesting ones so far, I'm hoping to gain a fair few humorous phrases and terms which I can take forward and use.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Speaking from experience

After being given the new brief we had a concept building session where we were to come up with five concepts and ideas. My initial concepts involved:
Living with male flatmates
Student cooking

Money management

Student complaints and moans
First day thoughts

From these I created a few brainstorms to generate ideas on research etc.

I then decided against all of these and came up with a new concept of things you will learn moving away to uni. I believe this will allow me to gather a range of primary research in the way of opinions etc.

Monday, 19 April 2010

What is a line?

This is a line of photographs I have taken at monument metro station in Newcastle taken over a number of days to capture different capacity's of people, different times of day and the affect that time has on the station. Some photos portray the station as an empty, quiet station whilst others show a busy, moving place.

This is my flip book of images to capture motion. A series of photographs one after another.

I initially started the project with the idea of drawing continuous line drawings every day. I soon moved away form this idea and onto documenting with photography instead.

What is a line?

What is a line?

What is a line?