Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Speaking from experience- name/content of packaging

Choices of quote on the package:
  • An existing one I used for the stickers- eg "I'm slowly getting fat

drawback- people may think it's all about health and fitness?

  • "Warning" "Be warned"

  • "The things they don't tell you about"

  • "My first year"

  • "The things I've learned this year"

  • "The things I've learned moving away to uni"

  • "Warning" or "Be warned"- look at warning signs and colours

-may be taken too seriously when it's actually a light hearted approch

-at the same time,the content does contain some brief, light hearted warnings and advice

I would like to use the same type that I used for the quote "I'm slowly getting fat", large, block letters so it has an imdeiate impact.

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