Monday, 24 May 2010

Speaking from experience- ear plugs

I drew out a few rough ideas of how I would construct the net for this ear plug packaging. I want it to be the kind of packaging where the top folds upwards and outwards to reveal the inside.

So this is the net I came up with, a tab down the side to fasten the two sides together and the half circles to fold into each other.

I added some tabs onto the bottom so that when folded inwards the bottom would be fastened but the top would still be able to open freely, hopefully though made with card it would be stiff enough not to just fall open.

Unfortunately the proportions were slightly incorrect and didn't allow the bottom and top to fold the right way and it ended up being too tight.

I found a net of a package that already existed and opened it up to see how it was constructed, I drew out the basic outline and then scanned this in to alter it and add the design.

Unfortunately I didn't construct this correct net before the time I had my print time so couldn't print it straight onto card. I ended up printing it onto paper and then spray mounting it onto card, this resulted in the paper coming apart in places and overall it looks quite badly crafted.

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