Friday, 14 May 2010

Speaking from experience- Cheese Box (Money Box)

As one of my products I have contemplated with the idea of making a money box which holds the quote 'cheese is really expensive.' The idea of this is so that students have a little money box to save money, for cheese if they want, just put spare change in whenever they can so they always have money for cheese. It's not a serious idea its just to have some fun with the idea of cheese being expensive.

Ideally the net of the box will fit on an A4 sheet so that the speech bubble box I make to fit everything in at the end will not be bigger than A4.
As of now I am drawing out nets with traingular faces so that in turn it will make the shape of some cheese and I will apply the design from the sticker onto it.

From the first net I assembled, I decided I need to add more height to the box and possibly shorten the length of the triangular side.
From the second net that I made I was aware the the the sides which match need to be exact so that when folded up it fits tightly.

A mock up of part of the money box.

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