Thursday, 13 May 2010

Speaking from experience- Other products

Thinking of more products I could produce with the content I had, I thought it would be appropriate to produce a set of postcards using the 'I miss my mum' so that the student whoever recieves it will be able to send them home to talk to their mum.

Along with this, after speaking to John a couple of weeks ago, he gave me the idea of giving some advice along with these quotes. So, I have decided to create small leaflets/cards which will have a quote on one side and then on the other some basic, light hearted advice to overcome the 'problem.' This will only be appropriate to only some of the quotes, so I won't be using them all.

Basic idea of double sided cards, which will advise students how to overcome small problems like putting on weight etc.

And this is the postcard idea, a basic postcard layout with a speech bubble frame and quote on the front.

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