Friday, 26 February 2010

Don't Panic. Vogue

To get us started with the project we had a concept building session, we were to come up with 30 associated words that we relate to the word Vogue.
From these words we created 30 pictorgrams to represent the words, some proving to be more difficult than others.
Narrowing this down to just five favourites, I looked into size 0 and vanity. The meaning of size 0 and how it portrayed through the media.

From looking at existing illustrators I decided I wanted to create my posters using illustration, something I have no really used before. Also looking at the book 'Hand Job' I wanted to mix this with type and create a busy, informative piece.

Looking through 'Hand Job' I saw many different, unique styles and tried to recreate some myself, I then scanned these in and completed them on photoshop.

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