Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Content of booklet

We discussed the content of the booklet, what excuses we were going to use etc. We had gathered some of this from internet research along with a small survey around the class.

We also decided that as the topic of lying would not go down with parents that we should make the name of the website and whole company something completely irrelevant to the theme of what we are actually doing. So we came up with the name Hippos in the happy place.
We also decided that when the hotdog book folds out, on the other side would be a poster, again something completely irrelevant so parents aren't aware of what the booklet is. This could then be put up on someone's wall and no-one would ever know except the student and then use the excuses on the other side whenever they need to.

So, because of the irrelevant name we thought we best come up with some imagery to support this and something that we can use throughout the projects, I attempted some hippo drawing but pretty much failed.
The mock up of the book on plain white paper for now.

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