Monday, 15 March 2010

Communication is a virus

I looked into lying and what a lie was, I also looked into how to tell a good lie, this involved things like planning a lie and body language.

In order to find our audience we produced a quick survey to find out when people have lied most from the choices, high school, aprents, workplace, primary school or friends. Out of the people we asked the result was half choosing high school. So from this I looked into ways of reaching this age rande, high school pupils-aged roughly 12-16.

Marketing teenagers and reaching out to them to communicate something these days seemed most appropriate through technology. Mainly internet, tv or mobile phone, something intewractive.

As out project is intended to be light hearted I looked into existing excuses used at schools for things like having no homework, the typical 'my dog ate my homework' etc.

I also looked into how to tell if someone is lying, including things like body langauge and tone of voice. I cam across a quite in depth explanation of eye contact and direction of eyes in order to read someone lying.

We looked into the possibility of an interactive website and discussed the pros and cons of different media and our audience. Looking at the possibility of distirbuting our webstie through social networking sites we worried that our audience may not fit into this group. However after some more research and looking at a facebook user survey, the percentage of users aged 13-16 was relatively high and so this put to rest any worries.

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